Why you should care about TDD

There are few techniques as powerful and yet widely misunderstood as test-driven development. Although not a silver bullet, TDD enables two often-overlooked benefits: direction (short test 🔄 code cycles towards a complete solution) and confidence (verifying your changes against a working test suite).

Learn TDD and become a more productive software engineer: avoid blockers and overengineering. Instead, focus on delivering value (a.k.a, fixing your users' pains) at a fast, sustainable pace while writing well-designed, well-tested code.

About the workshop

People attending this workshop will enjoy a 10-hours introduction to the TDD practice. Even if it is impossible to master test-driven development in a couple of days, participants will end with a complete understanding of the methodology and be ready to start on the right foot.

Since there is only one way to learn test-driven development (practice, practice, and practice), the workshop is hands-on, with plenty of time to do pair-programming and live coding sessions that I will use to explain different concepts.

Please, keep in mind that due to COVID-19, the workshop is primarily online, and we can divide the training sessions into several days.

You will learn

  • How to start doing TDD. This is the workshop's central outcome, and I will ensure you have all the tools to start practicing TDD effectively.

  • How to write good tests and how different tests (unitary, integration) enable different ways to practice TDD.

  • How to write testable software.

  • How to use test doubles to simplify writing tests for legacy applications.

Programming languages and technologies

The workshop is language-agnostic, even though it will use JavaScript/TypeScript for the examples and live coding sessions. For teams working with React, we can adapt the exercises to practice TDD on components and front-end applications.


The price is 250EUR per participant (VAT not included).

Sergio talking about TDD and software development best practices at Spotahome offices in Madrid (2019).
Talking about TDD and software development best practices at Spotahome offices in Madrid (2019).

About me

Hi! 👋 I'm Sergio, and I have been developing software for a living for a decade. During this time, I have had the luck to work with (and sometimes even lead) world-class software engineers that are now working in top-notch technology companies. I have been practicing TDD nearly all this time and successfully taught the process to dozen engineers (at work and in several software events). Moreover, I have introduced and successfully applied several of TDD's closest practices (such as continuous deployment and trunk-based development) to product teams at different startups.


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